Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Test of integrated amplifiers

Last two weeks I tested a couple my integrated amplifiers. My subjective observations:

  • Pathos ClassicOne mkIII - very musical, but a little but to gentle for me. For romantics :)

  • Copland CTA305 preamp + Audio Research 150.2 amp - this was not a real test of each component. I found Copland one step backwards to my Aikido preamp - lack of air and detail. I cannot judge the AR.

  • MBL 7006 - a complete new league compared to the amplifiers I've tested. Very airy, a new definition of bass (more tight), noiseless, outstanding dynamics, but...

  • Burmester 051 - a real gem, especially in lower frequencies is a class of its own! Noiseless, muscial, airy, almost too analytica, but with atouch of softness. I really like this one...

  • NAD M3 - a very good integrated amplifier. With exception of the lower frequencies in class of Burmester 051. In terms of highs and dynamics maybe even slightly better. I prefer NAD M3 to MBL 7006.


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