Friday, August 31, 2007

Aikido is in the game!!!

Today I replaced AudioNode output PCB with Aikido (w/ tantalums and Mundorf Silver/Oil coupling caps). Result?! Outstanding! Sound is more natural, instuments have more body, dynamics is unbeliveable - you can feel (sonic waves) the music. Bass has tightened.

I have to solve one issue - one channel has 160V other 210V. Aikido balances this, but I have to solve this.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

My parts selection

My best-of selection:

Coupling caps: Mundorf Silver/Oil
Polypropyene caps: WIMA MKP
Low-noise (digital) caps: BG NX
HV PSU caps: EPCOS 435xxx series (did not try others)
Resistors: Vishay VTA52/55 (of course, tantalums are not bad)

Riken Ohm : Good balanced sound; improvement on cheap metal films.

Tantalum (AN and Shinkoh) : A little more detail than Riken, nice midrange, but upper midrange and treble can be a bit harsh.

Vishay VTA52 / VTA55 : Amazing. By far the best. More detail, smoother sound, very lifelike.